Wandering aimlessly around Golden Gate Park, I stumbled on one of the best fashion exhibits I’ve ever seen, The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk at the de Young Museum. AMAZING. Sometimes a walk in the park does lead to a fabulous adventure.

Many of the mannequins had faces projected on them and they blinked, smiled and talked to you. Slightly creepy.

Recognize Madonna’s famous costumes?

The leopard print on this dress is created with beads–done by hand!! BY HAND!

The way he transformed materials into beautiful objects of art, not to mention the level of craftmanship, took my breath away. If you’re in San Francisco, go check it out. And take your camera. I didn’t have mine and had to borrow my friend’s iPhone. I hope it comes to New York so I can spend all day with Gaultier without being dragged out of the museum by my up-until-then very patient friend.


Still working on my list of 101 Things in 1001 Days. The latest accomplishments:

29. Volunteer at an animal shelter

57. Dye my  hair red (again)

72. Win something. Anything. (An autographed Moneyball dvd. Not exciting, but it counts)

89. Go snowboarding on a new mountain (Finally skiied Aspen Mountain!)

This time around I’m supporting a good friend’s fundraising efforts for the Lake Placid Marathon in a few weeks. Best of luck, you will have an amazing experience!

I not-so-recently moved to Brooklyn, into a bigger space with fewer storage options. As such, my place has been an organizational nightmare for the last couple months. My first purchase was a buffet to increase my kitchen capacity. Next up is shelving on the back wall. Problem is, I can’t make up my mind. Do I want to DIY something? Take the easy way out and buy something? If I buy, do I go new or scour the second-hand shops for something special and unique?

Love, love, love this. I also tore it out of the magazine. But it requires a car for a trip to IKEA and then to a lumberyard. Worth the effort? And the expense to rent a car in NYC?

This metal bookshelf is clean and simple, open and airy.

I like the look of the leaning shelves, but afraid the narrow part won’t hold all of my books.

Super cool idea. But how many crates would this take, and how do I prevent it from toppling over? Is it too rustic?

Simple. Easy. Boring.


Love the industrial yet weathered look of this. Don’t, however, love the price tag.

images: Lucky magazine via Apartment Therapy; Room and Board; Overstock; Living Etc.; Overstock; Hudson Goods

I’ve been remiss and I have no excuse, no explanation. I’ve been busy, but with what I couldn’t say. Here are a few on the things I’ve accomplished lately:

1. Go surfing
39. Go hiking
43. Keep a writing journal for 90 days
79. Dress up for Halloween

As my reward for crossing  four items off my 101 Things in 1001 Days list, I supported my friend who recently ran the Philadelphia Marathon for charity. Way to go! I volunteered at this year’s New York Marathon and caught the fever. Am I crazy enough to run it again??

I’ve been on the hunt for geek chic glasses and last night I found the perfect pair. Wandering around Soho, I spotted a window poster of glittery cat-eye sunglasses. I HAD to try them on. Fabulous as they were, I couldn’t pull them off. No worries, this was no ordinary sunglass store. Oh no, I’d stumbled into the eyewear mecca Ilori. Amazing selection, expert staff. And they were having a party! This was the first pair the sales associate suggested. They looked small, almost child-size, but fit me perfectly. Love.

Oliver Peoples, Racine

Flipping through the recent issue of Glamour, I spotted these Robert Clergerie lovelies. I haven’t been able to track them down anywhere online, so I’m on the hunt for an equally fabulous masculine-yet-feminine gangster-style oxford. I bought these last summer when I was having knee problems and needed a break from my usual sky-high heels. I like them, but I don’t love them. They seem a little wimpy, not quite edgy enough, sassy enough, or goes-with-everything enough. Would I feel the same about these?

Florsheim Limited Marlton, $150

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