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The upside of being stranded at the airport for 4 hours? Getting a ride on the cart! Note to self, 60 minute deadline for checking bags. No wonder I always carry on…Vegas here I come!


I am dashing out the door to Aveda and still don’t know which direction to go–auburn or brunette? I love the contrast of dark hair and pale skin, but I also love the fiery look of redheads.  And red is the color of the season, or so it seems…decisions, decisions!

A quick trip to the library for some light reading…no idea if I’ll ever make it through this stack! I request books online, and sometimes they all come in at once. I wish these books had come in paperback form…

Can you sense a theme? I’d really like to improve my diet, eat simpler food and less meat, but I’m lazy. Really lazy. I rarely cook, instead I live off take out, bar food or whatever is in the fridge. Dinner is definitely my worst meal of the day. I’m usually out and about and grab whatever I can find. I eat Chipotle at least once a week (I cannot resist the guacamole!), pizza just as often, and have a weakness for club sandwiches. Or anything with bacon for that matter. I would really like to break the cycle, hence this month’s reading material. I’m hoping it will inspire and motivate me.

I know this season is all about the khaki nail color, but I’m a fan of dark colors, especially on short nails. But really, is the dark nail trend ever really going to go away? Every season a few pastels or candy colors are heralded as THE color to wear, but I always see girls wearing dark colors.

After years of Linkin Park After Dark, I decided it was time to try something new. I was afraid this one would be really purple, but it’s a dark-reddish-plum color with a hint of shimmer. Perfect for fall!

OPI nail color, Eiffel for the Color, $8

dress, belt and sunglass vintage, shoes bandolino

I’m giving into peer pressure with this one. I bought this dress years ago at a vintage clothing fair. I fell in love with the sheer top, full skirt and layered hem. I was feeling even better about it when I spotted the exact same dress at Screaming Mimi’s for twice the price (score!).

After a while, however, I decided the length wasn’t the most flattering on me. Hitting just below the knee is an awkward length, at least for me. Since then it’s been languishing in the back of my closet, always getting passed over but never getting thrown out. I decided to wear it one more time, to decide for sure if it should stay or go. And of course, wouldn’t you know, I received so many compliments that I guess it’s staying, at least for now…..

blazer vintage, tshirt old navy, jeans gap, boots via spiga

bird necklace f21, heart necklace vintage

Last week I attended the Renegade Blogger Meet Up in Central Park. We ate cupcakes, trades styling and photo tips, and posed for pictures. It was the first time I’ve attended such an event, and the first time I’ve met any fellow bloggers. I was a little nervous since I didn’t know anyone and I’m fairly new to blogging, but everyone was so friendly and easy to talk to that I was sad when it was time leave and head back to the office.  

The organizer, The Clothes Horse, marked the spot with red balloons. No one could resist a photo op with the balloons, not even me.

photos by Julia of Just Like Judas

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