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I have never contemplated spending this much on a pair of shoes. Until now. Take my breath away…
Yves Saint Laurent, Tribute patent-leather sandals, $795

One of the reasons I carry such a large, back-breaking bag is so I can always have my book close at hand. I read. A lot. I would be lost without the library–I probably pick up new books every week or so. I stopped buying fiction books ages ago, mainly because my apartment has very limited storage (just a cubby under the window) and I don’t want to waste space on books I most likely won’t ever read again. It was a hard and painful process, but I edited my collection down to ones I love-not-like, ones that inspire me and will still be reaching for years from now.  

Here are some of the ones on my wish list:

Elle Style: The 1980s: Neon, harem pants, shoulder pads, teased hair, slouchy socks…the first time around.
New London Style: If only this came with an audio track…sigh.
Harry Potter: Film Wizardry: Yes, I admit it, I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan. This is an amazing glimpse at how the magic was made.

The Sartorialist: Am I the last person to buy this book?
Living Color: The best nature has to offer. A great source for inspired color combinations for the home and closet.
My French Life: Fulfilling my dream of picking up and moving to Paris.


The Guide to Odd New York: Unusual Places, Weird Attractions and the City’s Most Curious Sights: Because after all these years, there is still so much more to discover.
Fashions of the Roaring ’20s: Hands down one of my favorite time periods. The fringe, the pearls, the speakeasies, the total disregard for rules…
Surfing Photographs from the Seventies: I’ve only been surfing once, but it was amazing. And how can you not love the 70s?

Mondo is by far my favorite contestant on Project Runway. I love his crazy color and print combinations. I’m still learning how to mix prints and not look like a hot mess, so I really appreciate and take inspiration from his designs. I’m not sure about some pieces in his final collection–or those headpieces!–but I hope he wins.

His style is so unique, sometime little boy chic, other times total hipster. He always keeps you guessing–you never know which Mondo is going to enter the workroom. He always wears a dog tag, which reminded me of a search for ones I made a year ago. I was looking for engraveable tags for something personal, more jewelry store than army navy store.

Good luck Mondo!

Top: Shimmer and Stone, Men’s Dual Sterling Silver Ridge-Edge Dog Tag Necklace, $150  
Bottom: Eve’s Addiction, Stainless Steel Double Dog Tag Necklace, $46

I fell hard for these boots. Amazing! Not so amazing? The price tag. Even so, I’ve been dreaming of these boots for a couple months now. I was delighted to find a pretty good substitute at Bakers the other day. Sure the quality isn’t the same, but at a fraction of the price, I’m ok with that. The only question now is, do I want black or purple? I’ve been seeing a lot of purple boots lately and think it’s a great way to jazz up my winter wardrobe.

Top: Christian Louboutin, Flannel Over-The-Knee Boot, $1,595.00
Bottom: Bakers, Melanie boot, $99. 95

Not long ago, I stumbled across the cutest jewlery boutique selling all kinds of amazing handmade goods. My favorite was a pair of feather and chain earrings. They were super long and utterly fantastic. Unfortunately, even at 40% off, the $130 price tag was more than I could justify. I mean, c’mon, a few feathers and a couple inches of silver chain for $130? As it turns out, the designers live in Northern California and they only use feathers that their animals shed. Love the thought, but why does everything green, sustainable or recycled have to be so expenisve?

As I was browsing Etsy looking for pillows, I stumbled across these earrings, which while not quite as nice as the ones I was eyeing, are super close and way more affordable.

Row 1:
Azeetadesigns, Emerald Feather Hoops, $12
Stringbean Studio, Indian Summer Feather Earrings, $32
HeartSunshine, Pretty Pink on Silver Chain, $42

Row 2:
Peacefrogdesigns, Violet Wings – Feather Earrings, $18
DAMEBIJOU, Vibrant Yellow Feather Hoops, $24
Vnes, Feather Earrings, $18

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