We take a lot for granted living in the US, at least I know I do. Women around the world struggle for basic human rights. All of the stories can be overwhelming. There are so many women in need, and thankfully there are many organizations that help them. Afghan Women’s Justice Project is one. They provide much-needed help and resources for Afghan women and children incarcerated for gender-based injustices, including funding defense attorneys, literacy teachers and medical services. They are also working to implement change and support culturally-appropriate alternatives to incarceration for “moral crimes” such as parole and work-based vocational training programs for accused women. Donations over $25 receive this NOT GUILTY shirt. I wear it with pride.

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

31. Use my passport at least three times (Vancouver, Barbados, Colombia, Montreal, Budapest, Vienna, Prague)

46. Digitize my address book

55. Eat raw for a week

67. Go to church

76. Learn to play poker (I even won the mock tournament!)