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I’ve been remiss and I have no excuse, no explanation. I’ve been busy, but with what I couldn’t say. Here are a few on the things I’ve accomplished lately:

1. Go surfing
39. Go hiking
43. Keep a writing journal for 90 days
79. Dress up for Halloween

As my reward for crossing  four items off my 101 Things in 1001 Days list, I supported my friend who recently ran the Philadelphia Marathon for charity. Way to go! I volunteered at this year’s New York Marathon and caught the fever. Am I crazy enough to run it again??


I’ve been on the hunt for geek chic glasses and last night I found the perfect pair. Wandering around Soho, I spotted a window poster of glittery cat-eye sunglasses. I HAD to try them on. Fabulous as they were, I couldn’t pull them off. No worries, this was no ordinary sunglass store. Oh no, I’d stumbled into the eyewear mecca Ilori. Amazing selection, expert staff. And they were having a party! This was the first pair the sales associate suggested. They looked small, almost child-size, but fit me perfectly. Love.

Oliver Peoples, Racine

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