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shirt barIII, jeans jbrand, shoes pierre hardy for gap

I stumbled across this fantastic alley while wallking around Gastown in Vancouver. The entire length was painted with grafitti from a few artists. I find myself wearing a breezy top with skinny jeans often, probably a little too often. The cutout shoulders might have been a little too casual for the work function, but I didn’t know we’d be staying as long as we did. What can I say, the dessert spread was amazing!


Knocking some more things off my 101 Things in 1001 Days list:

5. Score a soccer goal
45. Visit Cartagena
51. Go ice skating in Central Park
56. Take an acting class
78. Go to the beach and play in the surf
98. Make a bead necklace

This time around I used, an online charity where  public school teachers from across the country post classroom project requests. If asked, I’ll say I don’t like math–too many bad memories of 7th grade algebra–but something made me pick the Math, Math and More Math project for a school in the Bronx. Long before I was baffled by equations, I loved flashcard races around the room. You would stand behind your classmate, and the first to answer the (simple) math calculation would move on the next person. Whoever made it the furthest around the room won. I had forgotten that math can be fun!

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Will this be the last of the boots for the season? Hard to tell. I bought this sundress over New Year’s in NOLA and have been layering it all winter/spring. I’m sure it will get just as much wear this summer. This turned out to be a stylishly practical outfit. My day started off with brunch with a friend before we went to an art fair. From there, I headed to Queens for a football game. Yes, this dress hides my playing clothes, just in case I had to change outside. Which I did. “Are those pink socks? Are you playing football in a dress??” my team laughed when I arrived. Nope, I was ready to play in five minutes. Maybe we would have won if I’d worn the pink socks…

sweater vintage, shirt edun, skirt zara, tights target, boots dv

Pushing the envelope a little for office attire, but hey, it was a Friday. My friend found this sweater in her aunt’s closet and thought I would love it. She was correct. Not only is it my fav print, the fur collar is super soft. The lacy tights are a fun change of pace. I realize I wear these boots way too often–time to add a few others into the rotation.

dress victoria's secret, jacket anthropologie, shoes calvin klein, bag kooba

The flowers are in bloom. A beautiful day to walk around the city. Too bad work gets in the way…

I came across the Claire La Faye etsy store and fell in love with her dresses and tanks. I adore the ruffles, rosettes, feathers and jewelry embellishments. Her designs are romantic without being too girlie. These are ideas to easily jazz up some items already in my closet.

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