A friend and I recently went to MoMA Nights, this time hosted in conjuntion with the Andy Warhol: Motion Pictures exhibit, focusing on the artist’s cinematic portraits and silent, black-and-white films from the mid-1960s. The big draw for us was that we were able to sit for own video portrait, in the spirit of Andy Warhol’s screen tests: remain still for 40 seconds, don’t move, don’t laugh, just stare straight ahead. The videos were then projected on the museum’s walls.

Sitting still and remaining expressionless while staring at myself in the camera proved too difficult for me. I had the awkward I’m-trying-hard-not-to-laugh-but-can’t-help-myself weird look. Rachel didn’t move an inch or crack a smile. And why was I sitting so close?? The videos will be uploaded to the exhibit’s site, but I’m still waiting for my40 seconds of fame. If you want to make your own screen test, follow the instructions.

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