shirt, skirt h&m, tights ae, boots dv, beanie h

My coworker gave me the best compliment: she said she loves how I put outfits together and asked where I got my style from. Hmmm…that’s a tough one. Definitely from reading magazines and blogs! I’ve always been attracted to edgy, offbeat looks and hate looking like everyone else. Years ago, I wore a sweater and my friend immediately recognized the store. Now I try to buy only basics from the major chain stores to avoid such embarassment. Since it was Friday, I wanted casual meets playful. Denim shirt, lace shirt, purple tights? Why not? It turned out to be a frigid and windy day, not the best for a short lace skirt.

I also darkened my hair up a bit. I had wanted a lighter, brighter red, but that would have required a lot of color correction since my hair is already so dark. Maybe next time…