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In need of a vacation, but where to?

Get lost in the streets of Paris? Wander around Prague and Budapest? Enjoy the warm South American sun? With this weekend’s weather forecast, it seems I made the right decision!


Check another thing off the list…I finally went ice skating in Central Park. Much harder than I remebered!

It was such a beautiful day I couldn’t resist being silly and playing tourist. Photo in Central Pakr? Check.

How cool are these ads? I don’t see the correlation between the artistic brain vs. the linear brain and Mercedes Benz, but I love the illustrations.

images from Ads of the World

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Beautiful spring day, casual work outfit…my best attempt at green for St. Patrick’s Day. My inspiration was the earrings, picked up in Seattle years ago but hardly ever worn. I usually wear simple hoops or thin chains, not that stands out. These are probably the biggest pair I own and make noise every time I turn my head. Think I’ll be wearing them more often…

Confession: I have a weakness for inappropriate tv. I used to say I was a trash-tv junkie, but now that reality shows rule the lineup (no offense, but I think those show really are trash tv, except for Project Runway), it’s not an accurate description. I am addicted to age-inappropriate shows: Gilmore Girls, Supernatural, Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, Charmed, The O.C., Gossip Girl…pretty much anything on the CW. My new obsession is Pretty Little Liars, about four high school girls.

I’ll admit it, I enjoy the mystery storyline. But I really watch for the clothes, one character in particular: Aria. A bit rock n roll with a splash of vintage flair, she nails the free spirited grungy look. (And why shouldn’t she? She does have someone pick out her clothes after all.) She wears crazy tights, combat boots, cool hats, bold accessories and lots of prints.

WHERE can I get that ring??? Now my skull ring seems so insignificant.

I found a fantastic pair of feather earrings, only to lose one during their first wear. Could I pull off wearing only one?  This also reminds me of the feather extensions I want to try out for spring.

But what I’m most envious of his her hair…what I wouldn’t give for perfect waves like that. Is it wrong to take style cues from a “16-year-old”?

A friend and I recently went to MoMA Nights, this time hosted in conjuntion with the Andy Warhol: Motion Pictures exhibit, focusing on the artist’s cinematic portraits and silent, black-and-white films from the mid-1960s. The big draw for us was that we were able to sit for own video portrait, in the spirit of Andy Warhol’s screen tests: remain still for 40 seconds, don’t move, don’t laugh, just stare straight ahead. The videos were then projected on the museum’s walls.

Sitting still and remaining expressionless while staring at myself in the camera proved too difficult for me. I had the awkward I’m-trying-hard-not-to-laugh-but-can’t-help-myself weird look. Rachel didn’t move an inch or crack a smile. And why was I sitting so close?? The videos will be uploaded to the exhibit’s site, but I’m still waiting for my40 seconds of fame. If you want to make your own screen test, follow the instructions.

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