Right now, I’m at the end of my annual ski trip with my bestest friends. The first time around, I was  a total beginner and had to borrow or rent everything I needed. Over the years, I’ve assembled all of the necessary gear and essentials. I wish my ski wardrobe was as stylish and coordinated as these images:

Instead, my ski ensembles are a mish-mash of my everyday workout wear, hand-me-downs, and whatever I needed to purchase that season. My outerwear hides the crazy underneath. My base layers consist of running tights, knee socks, fleece shorts (as a boarder, I tend to sit in the snow a lot), random running shirts, long-sleeve lycra shirts and an old work fleece. And yes, my oddball looks do get a few laughs from my friends. This is the one situation where I don’t sacrifice function or comfort for looks. If I did, my time on the mountain would be short, and I’d miss out on great powder days like we had yesterday.