I know you can’t really tell from this photo, but this is proof that I accomplished #37 from my list of 101 Things in 1001 Days….

Every year, my friends and I go on a ski trip to Colorado. And every year, I wish I could get up this one specific lift. Before you think I have no idea what to do on the ski slope, the lift is not your normal chair lift. Instead of sitting on a bench and relaxing your way to the top of the mountain, you sit on a small disc and are pulled along a small path (pic below). Easy for skiers, but not so easy for snowboarders. I’ve fallen off this lift more times than I can count. But not this time! Truth be told, I bit it after only 5 feet on my first attempt, but had no problems the second time around.

Once to the top, however, the run I was excited to ski was closed. Ski patrol let us under the rope, but only to do a long traverse to an easier slope. I felt so let down after all of the anticipation and hard work of holding on and balancing for dear life (ok, pride) that I had to attempt the palma lift the next day*. This time I had no problems on the lift, and managed to get down the double diamond trail in one piece. As they say, practice makes perfect!

*yes, I did buy a helmet in between attmepts. I decided it was finally time that safety won out over vanity. Lovely, no?