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I’m fortunate that my office has a pretty casual dress code, but even so, shorts are a no-no. This weekend was warm for February and I couldn’t resist wearing these new shorts. This outfit made its debut Saturday night at a dive bar in my neighborhood, then again the next day. Yes, a bit much for the bar, but like I said, I couldn’t resist. I had been searching for months for a pair of leather shorts that fit me, and my budget. Now that I have, I’m sure I’ll be wearing them regularly!  

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Dwell presents: Bold Color, Small Space: The Black Apartment | Cindy Gallop | brought to you by Glidden from gary nadeau on Vimeo.

I love the idea of a painting an entrance way or alcove solid black, but a whole apartment?? Incredible! Cindy Gallop’s all-black apartment takes my breath away. The dark color is a blank canvas for her artwork and collectibles. There are so many fantastic ideas hidden inside, I can’t pick just one to drool over the most. One fav is how she displays her shoe collection throughout the apartment. I agree, shoes are a work of art! Cindy, do you need a roomate? I hope someday I can be this bold and fearless with my designs!

Want to see more? Check it out on Unplggd.

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As I mentioned previously, I didn’t pack much for my ski trip. My luggage was filled with my snowboard and all the necessary gear for a week on the slopes. We spent most of our downtime relaxing in the condo, making dinner, playing cards and soaking in the hot tub, so I didn’t need much. This was one of the two outfits I packed and it was perfect for an afternoon walking around town for a little shopping and a little apres ski fun.

Right now, I’m at the end of my annual ski trip with my bestest friends. The first time around, I was  a total beginner and had to borrow or rent everything I needed. Over the years, I’ve assembled all of the necessary gear and essentials. I wish my ski wardrobe was as stylish and coordinated as these images:

Instead, my ski ensembles are a mish-mash of my everyday workout wear, hand-me-downs, and whatever I needed to purchase that season. My outerwear hides the crazy underneath. My base layers consist of running tights, knee socks, fleece shorts (as a boarder, I tend to sit in the snow a lot), random running shirts, long-sleeve lycra shirts and an old work fleece. And yes, my oddball looks do get a few laughs from my friends. This is the one situation where I don’t sacrifice function or comfort for looks. If I did, my time on the mountain would be short, and I’d miss out on great powder days like we had yesterday.

I know you can’t really tell from this photo, but this is proof that I accomplished #37 from my list of 101 Things in 1001 Days….

Every year, my friends and I go on a ski trip to Colorado. And every year, I wish I could get up this one specific lift. Before you think I have no idea what to do on the ski slope, the lift is not your normal chair lift. Instead of sitting on a bench and relaxing your way to the top of the mountain, you sit on a small disc and are pulled along a small path (pic below). Easy for skiers, but not so easy for snowboarders. I’ve fallen off this lift more times than I can count. But not this time! Truth be told, I bit it after only 5 feet on my first attempt, but had no problems the second time around.

Once to the top, however, the run I was excited to ski was closed. Ski patrol let us under the rope, but only to do a long traverse to an easier slope. I felt so let down after all of the anticipation and hard work of holding on and balancing for dear life (ok, pride) that I had to attempt the palma lift the next day*. This time I had no problems on the lift, and managed to get down the double diamond trail in one piece. As they say, practice makes perfect!

*yes, I did buy a helmet in between attmepts. I decided it was finally time that safety won out over vanity. Lovely, no?

This is the photo that started my desire to create my own personal art gallery. This is the check-in desk at the W Hotel in Seattle (at least it was a few years ago). I was transfixed by the juxtaposition of the types and sizes of artwork. While disjointed and different, they seemed to exist in perfect harmony. Since that trip, I’ve been slowly collecting artwork and assorted pieces to hang in my long and narrow hallway. Taking some tips from Apartment Therapy, I’ll be installing my own gallery very soon.

Here are a few other images that have inspired me:

images: unknown, unknown, design*sponge, George Mondo exhibit from the wsj, Christian Soriano video on, booth at Affordable Art Fair

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