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I spent the last four days in Maryland, helping out after my mom’s knee surgery. Whenever I go home, most of the time is spent around the house, so I don’t bring much of a clothing selection. This time around was spent driving to and from the hospital. By the last day, I was feeling grungy in my diy t-shirt/sweater, jeans and boots. The beanie smooths out (hides?) the last of my blowout. (I also got a much-needed haircut.)

While avoiding New York’s miserable weather, I whipped up this shirt/sweater combo. One old concert t-shirt + one thirfted sweater = lots of confused looks! Seriosuly–I wore it to work one day and several people asked “What’s going on with your shirt? Is it one shirt, or a t-shirt over a sweater?” I love to diy, but I usually need to follow some instruction. This project was from the Sistahs of Harlem book T-shirt Makeovers. Great book, full of fun and easy projects.