This hat is not mine, but I’ll admit it—I want one. My friend picked up this hat at some tourist trap on 8th Avenue and I gave him such a hard time. A lumberjack hat, for strolling around nyc, really? But if anyone can pull it off, it’s him. As the days turned colder and my ears froze in my flimsy wool beanie, my looks of bewilderment quickly changed into looks of envy. Why isn’t he shivering? It’s 20 degrees out! I had to see for myself. I may look ridiculous, but I was so warm and toasty I didn’t care! His hat is too big and falls down in eyes, but maybe, just maybe if I found a girls’ version…

The colored plaid one would be fun on the ski slope—one surefire way to stand out on the mountain. But on the practical side, I’m leaning towards the white one. Dark hair and dark fur blends too much and I end up looking like a weird hairy beast (as I’m discovering in my search for a faux fur vest). Thoughts?

1. Wool Buffalo Check Rabbit Fur Aviator Trapper Hat, $40
2. Wool Cable Knit Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat, $70
3. D&Y New York, Buffalo Plaid Trooper Bomber Hat, $28
4. Klondike Sterling, Russian Rabbit Fur Trooper Hat, $60