One of the reasons I carry such a large, back-breaking bag is so I can always have my book close at hand. I read. A lot. I would be lost without the library–I probably pick up new books every week or so. I stopped buying fiction books ages ago, mainly because my apartment has very limited storage (just a cubby under the window) and I don’t want to waste space on books I most likely won’t ever read again. It was a hard and painful process, but I edited my collection down to ones I love-not-like, ones that inspire me and will still be reaching for years from now.  

Here are some of the ones on my wish list:

Elle Style: The 1980s: Neon, harem pants, shoulder pads, teased hair, slouchy socks…the first time around.
New London Style: If only this came with an audio track…sigh.
Harry Potter: Film Wizardry: Yes, I admit it, I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan. This is an amazing glimpse at how the magic was made.

The Sartorialist: Am I the last person to buy this book?
Living Color: The best nature has to offer. A great source for inspired color combinations for the home and closet.
My French Life: Fulfilling my dream of picking up and moving to Paris.


The Guide to Odd New York: Unusual Places, Weird Attractions and the City’s Most Curious Sights: Because after all these years, there is still so much more to discover.
Fashions of the Roaring ’20s: Hands down one of my favorite time periods. The fringe, the pearls, the speakeasies, the total disregard for rules…
Surfing Photographs from the Seventies: I’ve only been surfing once, but it was amazing. And how can you not love the 70s?