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My trip home for Christmas was cut short by the impending snowstorm. I changed my plans and took an early train back to the city. Thank goodness I did–it was snowing when I arrived and, well, we’ve all seen the news about the blizzard. These boots were among my favorites in college. The rugged soles make them perfect for trudging through snow and slush. Which means I’ve been living in them for days…

The cartouche was a present from my parents. They recently went on a cruise and Cairo was one of the stops. This one isn’t from Cairo, but they did special order it for me while on their trip. I’m still a little unsure whether my name was spelled with an i or a y. But that’s ok, I love it anyway!








One of the benefits of living in Manhattan? Plowed roads! While most of the city is still waiting to be cleared, my neighborhood is almost back to normal. Getting to the airport was a breeze. Luckily, the airport wasn’t as frazzled and crowded as reports made it seem. I even had time to hit the newsstand. (Gossip mags are a guilty pleasure when I travel.)

I love taking small planes. Something about walking across the windy tarmac and climbing the fold-down stairs makes me giddy with excitement, like I’m a world traveller embarking on my latest adventure. Who knows–maybe I am! See you soon, NOLA…

A few random shots from an early morning walk through Central Park. I love the snow! This is the first major snowfall I’ve been in town for–the last two times I was in Colorado praying for  snow. I took an early train from DC to avoid all of the travel hassles. I arrived just in the nick of time to enjoy this winter wonderland.

David Stark is a genius. I’ve seen his creations in magazines and attended a presentation he gave for Apartment Therapy. His designs never fail to take my breath away. And this is no exception. Together with Time, Inc. and InStyle Magazine, he decorated the storied Diplomatic Reception Rooms at the State Department in Washington D.C. to celebrate the holidays and the rooms’ 50th anniversary. He is a master at using accessible materials in extremely creative, unexpected ways. Check out what he was able to do with ribbon, Christmas balls, garland, holiday trinkets and gift-wrap.

See more pictures and read the full post at Design*Sponge

* all photos from design*sponge

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What’s holiday dressing without sequins?  Keeping it casual, I added a red sweater and flat boots. What I didn’t realize, however, was that I had grabbed blue tights. Can’t believe I did that again. I really must get my sock drawer organized!

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This past week of winter temps has left me longing for warm fuzzy sweaters and super soft fabrics. None of which I own! Instead, I pulled together a super casual work outfit. This shirt (last seen here) has ruffled hem that falls at an odd length. This time around, I tucked in it for a slimmer look. This jacket is a fav holdover from my professional-attire days and matches the little bit of red in the peacock feathers. I pulled these suede boots out of the give-away pile. I can’t make my mind up about them, so I guess I’ll hold on to them a little while longer. To be honest, the sole is pretty thin, which means I really feel the cold sidewalks when walking around the city.  

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