Years ago I went on a mission to find a vintage Lite-Brite because I thought it would make a cool art piece in my apartment. I found one, but never really had enough room to make it a cool art piece. And to be honest, I wasn’t that skilled at creating my own designs. So out it went and I’ve never given it a second thought. Until now. This video is AMAZING!! It’s a love story told through stop-motion animation on a Lite-Brite. Be sure to listen to the lyrics, you’re heart will melt.

According to Yahoo, this video took “more than 700,000 vintage Lite-Brite pegs, and the help of 83 friends who’ll probably never want to look at another Lite-Brite peg for the rest of their lives, the David Crowder Band created the video over the course of 2,150 hours and 148 pizzas. They literally made things with light, and the result–a 2D tale of true love–is electric indeed.”

“SMS (Shine)” by the David Crowder Band