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I really have no idea what possessed me to dress so boring today. I was going for business-polished, but it turned out a giant snooze. Oh well. This dress is great and fits perfect, and is surprisingly well made, so I don’t want to get rid of it. When I wear it, I feel authoritative, in control, but not inspired or creative. I guess that makes it a great interview outfit. Next time I’ll try a different blazer or sweater, or a shirt underneath, maybe some colorful shoes. And definitely more accessories. Definitely.


Not long ago, I stumbled across the cutest jewlery boutique selling all kinds of amazing handmade goods. My favorite was a pair of feather and chain earrings. They were super long and utterly fantastic. Unfortunately, even at 40% off, the $130 price tag was more than I could justify. I mean, c’mon, a few feathers and a couple inches of silver chain for $130? As it turns out, the designers live in Northern California and they only use feathers that their animals shed. Love the thought, but why does everything green, sustainable or recycled have to be so expenisve?

As I was browsing Etsy looking for pillows, I stumbled across these earrings, which while not quite as nice as the ones I was eyeing, are super close and way more affordable.

Row 1:
Azeetadesigns, Emerald Feather Hoops, $12
Stringbean Studio, Indian Summer Feather Earrings, $32
HeartSunshine, Pretty Pink on Silver Chain, $42

Row 2:
Peacefrogdesigns, Violet Wings – Feather Earrings, $18
DAMEBIJOU, Vibrant Yellow Feather Hoops, $24
Vnes, Feather Earrings, $18

shirt mossimo, blazer club monaco, jeans gap, boots maxx studio, sunglasses anthropologie

Although I love love love red hair, in the end I decided on a dark brown with just a hint of auburn. Chaulk it up laziness, but I really don’t have the time, patience or money to get my hair done every month, as being a redhead would require. I am thrilled with how it turned out and I feel like me again. It took a day or two for me to adjust, but now I can’t remember how my hair looked last week!

I am dashing out the door to Aveda and still don’t know which direction to go–auburn or brunette? I love the contrast of dark hair and pale skin, but I also love the fiery look of redheads.  And red is the color of the season, or so it seems…decisions, decisions!

I kept this outfit simple to show off the scarf and earrings. This scarf is one of my favorite pieces. I’m a sucker for anything having to do with tattoos. There are so many colors, it goes with everything. I’m always chilly, so I like to grab a scarf on my way out the door. I kept the edgy feel with the chain fringe earrings (too bad they get lost in the curls!) and layers of necklaces. To the usual suspects I added a triple-strand chain headband that works beautifully as a necklace.
Check out my new fav nailcolor (OPI’s Eiffel for the Color) up close!

shirt gap, scarf christian audigier, jeans express, belt gap, shoes jeffery campbell, earrings aldo, headband (worn as necklace) f21

t shirt mossimo, blazer henry, skirt f21, boots boutique 9

Another rainy day……all I wanted to do was pull on jeans, a warm sweater and my Frye boots. Unfortunately, my after work plans  required a little more effort than that, so I gave this skirt a chance. It’s bell-shaped and really poufy, not the tailored, slimmer silhouette I usually wear. I liked the large dot print and kept the circle theme going with my necklace and belt. Too much? Not sure…

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