Not long ago, I stumbled across the cutest jewlery boutique selling all kinds of amazing handmade goods. My favorite was a pair of feather and chain earrings. They were super long and utterly fantastic. Unfortunately, even at 40% off, the $130 price tag was more than I could justify. I mean, c’mon, a few feathers and a couple inches of silver chain for $130? As it turns out, the designers live in Northern California and they only use feathers that their animals shed. Love the thought, but why does everything green, sustainable or recycled have to be so expenisve?

As I was browsing Etsy looking for pillows, I stumbled across these earrings, which while not quite as nice as the ones I was eyeing, are super close and way more affordable.

Row 1:
Azeetadesigns, Emerald Feather Hoops, $12
Stringbean Studio, Indian Summer Feather Earrings, $32
HeartSunshine, Pretty Pink on Silver Chain, $42

Row 2:
Peacefrogdesigns, Violet Wings – Feather Earrings, $18
DAMEBIJOU, Vibrant Yellow Feather Hoops, $24
Vnes, Feather Earrings, $18