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Mondo is by far my favorite contestant on Project Runway. I love his crazy color and print combinations. I’m still learning how to mix prints and not look like a hot mess, so I really appreciate and take inspiration from his designs. I’m not sure about some pieces in his final collection–or those headpieces!–but I hope he wins.

His style is so unique, sometime little boy chic, other times total hipster. He always keeps you guessing–you never know which Mondo is going to enter the workroom. He always wears a dog tag, which reminded me of a search for ones I made a year ago. I was looking for engraveable tags for something personal, more jewelry store than army navy store.

Good luck Mondo!

Top: Shimmer and Stone, Men’s Dual Sterling Silver Ridge-Edge Dog Tag Necklace, $150  
Bottom: Eve’s Addiction, Stainless Steel Double Dog Tag Necklace, $46


shirt vince neil ink, pants blank nyc, shoes maxstudio

If I could give my wardrobe a complete overhaul, I’d trade in most of what I own for a glam punk rock with boho flair. I picked up this shirt in Vegas and I just had to pair it with this belt. I’m not sure I can really pull off the tough-girl look and attitude; this may be as close as I get. I’ve been buying a lot of skull items lately. I can’t resist them! My favorite of the moment is a skull ring I bought on ebay a few years ago.

vest love 21, top warehouse, jeans gap, boots via spiga

This was done in a bit of a hurry, in the stairwell at work (shh…..). I really liked the boho vibe of this outfit, especially with the swingy vest and slouchy boots. This shirt always gets compliments. I guess it’s the macramé/red rhinestone detailing. I wore it to a party and was told it was a “darn sexy top.”  I don’t see it as sexy, but I’ll go with it!

I fell hard for these boots. Amazing! Not so amazing? The price tag. Even so, I’ve been dreaming of these boots for a couple months now. I was delighted to find a pretty good substitute at Bakers the other day. Sure the quality isn’t the same, but at a fraction of the price, I’m ok with that. The only question now is, do I want black or purple? I’ve been seeing a lot of purple boots lately and think it’s a great way to jazz up my winter wardrobe.

Top: Christian Louboutin, Flannel Over-The-Knee Boot, $1,595.00
Bottom: Bakers, Melanie boot, $99. 95

Four days in Vegas passed in a blur…gambling, drinks, piano bar, shopping, dinner, casino-hopping, Cirque de Soleil’s Viva Elvis show. Oh, and the real reason I went, a few days of work. I was there for a a conference, which meant boring work clothes most of the time. Snooze. My one free afternoon to spend by the pool was cancelled due to rain. In fact, it rained twice in four days–practically unheard of in Vegas!

I took advantage of the warm weather and gave my fav outfit from this summer another outing. This outfit is so easy and comfortable, but the gems give it a little pizzazz. The lobby of the Wynn reminded me of an enchanted forest because of the bright colors, butterflies and giant trees strung with lights.

blouse magaschoni, shorts f21, bag the sak, shoes maxx new york

I was finally able to wear my new sequin shorts, but unfortunately the camera wasn’t cooperating most of the time.  Most of my pictures came out blurry or with crazy color due to all of the bright lights. This is my new go-to party outfit, one that I will wear with tights in the winter. 

dress love21, belt ann taylor, boots calvin klein, purse from a street market in rio

A short cab ride away from the strip is Fremont Street, where it all began.  Aside from Hugo’s Cellar and (affordable) casinos, the real attraction is the light canopy. It towers 90 feet above the ground and spans the length of five football fields. It has nightly light shows featuring music by Queen, Kiss, Don McLean and others (you can see it in the background above).  Amazing!!! Check it out next time you’re in Vegas!

The upside of being stranded at the airport for 4 hours? Getting a ride on the cart! Note to self, 60 minute deadline for checking bags. No wonder I always carry on…Vegas here I come!

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