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My closet is filled with basics: black pants, jeans, black skirts, a few tops in pink, purple or teal. That’s about it. I came across these Gap Tuxedo Khaki pants, and since olive is the color of the season, I decided to give them a try. I’m still trying to figure out what to wear with them, that is anything other than a black or white shirt. Ideas? I’ve seen so many magazine spreads lately, all with great color and print combinations, but can’t quite master the look myself.

While I love the look of these pants, I think Gap cut a few corners on the pockets. They are slant pockets, which means they come open a little as you move. Quality pants make sure the pant fabric lines at least part of the pocket so the inside doesn’t show. Sadly, these pockets are made with white cotton and I hate that you can see white any time I move. It really does ruin the look of  the pants. Gap should have used a proper lining, designed side seam pockets or gone without pockets at all. I’ll have to sew up the pockets before I wear them again.