Today I was channeling the newsboy look, just missing the cap.  The straight skirt and tailored vest keep the look clean and streamlined, perfect for work. I had wanted to wear my red patent mary janes (last seen here) for a splash of color, but my heels were too torn up from yesterday’s shoes. I hate when that happens! But as it turns out, these high-heeled oxfords work just as well, probably a little better.  

shirt old navy, vest h&m, skirt f21, shoes payless

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to jewelry. I wear the same things over and over, rarely taking them off. These are most of my usual cast of characters: black onyx ring from a craft fair in Seattle; two of the bracelets are from Tiffany and the other is a Pandora-like charm bracelet my mom gave me; the necklaces are gifts from ages ago (the circle one is monogrammed). I added the long chains (picked up on vacation somewhere) for a little edge, the look seemed too conservative without it.