Jeffrey Campbell CLINIC

How fabulous are these shoes??? I am seriously obsessed! The buckles! The mirror! The cut-in wedge! Drool. I pull up this page at least once a week and stare at them (haven’t managed to find them in a store). I even chased down a girl at a Lady Gaga concert so I could see them up close! She thought I was nuts, but I had to see that side panel mirror for myself. Totally worth the odd stares.

That being said, why haven’t I bought them yet? Despite all thier fabulousness–and the rave reviews for style and comfort–I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. The 5″ heel isn’t the issue, I can walk in that no problem. Is it the closed toe? It’s a hot and steamy summer and closed-toe shoes seem constrictive. I also think the pointed toe looks a bit weird. Or is that just me? Even though they aren’t quite office-appropriate, I’d probably wear them anyway. My coworkers are used to my sky-high shoe choices, and these would be no different.