Sometime very soon I must tackle my closet. It’s bursting with clothes I never wear. It’s a mish-mash of boring work clothes that I no longer need, items that don’t fit properly, a few pieces that bring back good memories, and things a little out of my comfort zone that I’m still mustering up the courage to wear. Why do I have three suits? I haven’t worn one in more than a year, and even then I was the only one. I can’t even break them up to wear as separates! What this amounts to is a closet full of pieces that don’t work well together. I have plenty of basics, but only a few items with personality, which makes creating new and inspired outfits challenging. It’s time to clean out the closet with a strict, unforgiving eye, and replenish with only things that put a bounce in my step and make me smile. 

A few of my favorite things:

  • Embellishment
  • Appliqué
  • Jewel colors
  • Sequins
  • Beading
  • Satin
  • Ribbon
  • Punk rock
  • Dark jeans
  • Boots, especially over-the-knee
  • Leather pants
  • Buckles
  • Dark nail polish
  • Red lips
  • Chunky necklaces