Getting dressed used to be fun. Growing up, I spent every night carefully picking out what I wanted to wear the next day. I wallpapered my room with Vogue fashion spreads. But somewhere along the way that changed. Maybe it was my grunge phase in college—what? EVERYONE was wearing plaid shirts and doc martens—or transitioning into the working world and the drudgery of business attire. Now that I no longer have to wear suits, I have become a lazy dresser. I stare at the closet, praying for inspiration, then throw on jeans and a sweater. (Case in point: today’s outfit.) Don’t get me wrong, I still love to shop and have some treasures tucked away, but my style is all over the place and getting dressed often feels more like a chore than an adventure. I want that excitement back! This project isn’t about big change. Instead it’s about shaking things up, rediscovering my style, and falling back in love with the art of dressing.

An extremely casual day on the library steps