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Gap jeans, H&M vest, Maxx Studio booties


Lucky Brand


I picked up this tote while thrifting in Williamsburg. I thought it would make a great beach/park bag, but as I discovered on my impromtu visit to Trader Joe’s, it’s the perfect grocery bag. It’s sturdy and it holds tons. And it’s much pretty than the other canvas bags I usually carry around.

When in Willamsburg, I usually just go to Beacon’s Closet. Today I discovered a gem–Buffalo Exchange on Driggs and 9th. It’s not a ginormous as Beacon’s, but they had a great selection. And best of all, the staff was NICE! Someone even took my items and started a fitting room for me. There was a line out the door of people waiting to sell/trade in, so the selection will get better in no time.

I know I said I wasn’t going to make big, drastic changes, but I felt the need to highlight my hair for the summer. I’d been thinking about for months and finally decided to take the plunge. Big mistake! It killed my curls and damaged my hair. I do like the lighter color, but it needs a little tweaking. I just hope my hair will recover–I’m deep conditioning like mad and keeping my fingers crossed!

Lord and Taylor dress, Nine West shoes

I have fallen in love with dresses in recent years. It was a slow and subtle transformation, one I didn’t notice at first. It wasn’t until a coworker called me ‘the dress girl’ that I stopped to think about it. Who me? Apparently so. When I checked my closet, sure enough, I did own a lot of dresses. I used to wear mostly jeans or pants, but dresses are just so easy to wear. There’s almost no thought involved and you always look polished. This one has been out of rotation for a while, but I just love the full, drapy skirt and the fun print.

I tried a new look today and I’m not that happy with the end result. I feel like a little kid in this outfit. I don’t know why I decided to wear leggings, I really don’t like them. Yes, they’re comfortable, but they just don’t look good on me. They look cute on other people, but I feel out of sorts wearing them. They’ve been buried in my closet for a couple years now and I thought I’d give them a go.  Where they’re going is into the workout clothes bin.  And the skirt? Too poufy. The fabric is a little too stiff for the design. Too bad really —I like the stripes, but not this silhouette.

This jacket is a staple of my spring wardrobe. Pink satin? From Target? Can’t be beat!

My co-worker and I are wearing the same skirt today. With a white t-shirt. Express, circa 2004 perhaps? How strange is that? It’s a stretchy denim pencil skirt and used to be in heavy rotation before my office went casual. I still pull it out every now and again because it’s so easy to wear. I’m thinking of getting it hemmed, though. Time for an update.

The shoes are some of my all-time favorites. This is their fifth summer and I hoping they last the season. I get compliments just about every time I wear them. The polka dots go with everything and the cork wedge gives just the right amount of height. And, I can walk miles in these things, a necessity in the summertime. Franco Sarto, please bring them back!

Say hi to the latest addition to my closet: this silver Kooba hobo. I think it’s fabulous, although judging by my friend’s reaction, I might be in the minority on that one. It’s only downside is that it doesn’t have any pockets inside. Who makes a bag without pockets? How do I keep my keys  from getting lost inside? I was so wrapped up in sample-sale fever when I bought it that I failed to notice that minor detail. Oops!

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