What makes me tick? The answers, in no particular order…

  1. Finding twenty bucks in my pocket
  2. Puppies and kittens
  3. The sound of the ocean
  4. A fantastic blowout
  5. Sky-high heels
  6. Baby smiles
  7. Sprinting across the finish line of a race
  8. Pleasant surprises
  9. Floating in the pool
  10. The cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC
  11. Climbing into a crisply made bed
  12. Getting flowers
  13. Paris
  14. Laughing so hard you cry
  15. Pizza
  16. The Manhattan skyline
  17. The excitement of going through customs in a foreign country
  18. Payday
  19. Riding in a convertible with the top down and music cranked up
  20. My library card
  21. Perfect first dates
  22. Almost as good second dates
  23. Sequins, glitter, disco balls, diamonds…anything bright, shiny and sparkly
  24. The smell of a wood fire, especially on a chilly winter night
  25. Wine tastings in wine country
  26. Buying artwork
  27. Shiny, glossy magazines
  28. Hitting the snooze button for a lazy morning in bed
  29. Sushi boats
  30. Dark skinny jeans that work miracles
  31. Reading Pride and Predjice for the umptenth time
  32. Coming home to a clean apartment
  33. Red lipstick
  34. Creativity
  35. Cheesy top 40 music that I can’t help but sing along to
  36. The movie Love Actually. To be honest, any movie with Colin Firth
  37. Sunsets
  38. Walking barefoot in the grass
  39. Ethiopian food
  40. When someone else washes the dishes
  41. Anything and everything in leopard print (just like my Grandma!)
  42. Taking classes
  43. Boots of all shapes, heights and colors
  44. Family
  45. Snowboarding—powder days rock!
  46. An organized walk-in closet
  47. The West Coast, specifically San Francisco and surrounding areas. I can’t believe this East Coast girl is admitting that!
  48. Fresh baked cookies, fresh from the oven
  49. Lively, saturated colors
  50. Hugs
  51. Independent, mom and pop stores
  52. Walking through Central Park
  53. Snowflakes
  54. Quality time with my besties
  55. IPAs and pale ales
  56. Anything with bacon
  57. Sending and receiving letters in the mail
  58. Cookbooks
  59. Crab feasts, especially the annual  dinner for my brother’s birthday
  60. A steak (rare, please) from the Striphouse, served with a side of truffle cream spinach
  61. Volunteering and contributing to charities
  62. Being a goofball
  63. Mexican food piled high with guacamole
  64. The energy, excitement and bright lights of Las Vegas
  65. Facing a fear and winning
  66. Orchids, even though I can’t keep them alive
  67. My snow globe collection
  68. Hiking in the fall
  69. Roller coasters
  70. Proper grammar and punctuation
  71. Being a good friend
  72. Red wine and dark chocolate, together
  73. Creating a warm, welcoming and stylish home
  74. A pampered day at the spa
  75. Boiled peanuts (reminds me of summers at the grandparent’s house in Alabama)
  76. Aspen and Snowmass, the view from the top of the mountain always takes my breath away
  77. Kiddie Halloween costumes
  78. Birthday cake!!!
  79. Warm sunshine on my face
  80. Skeeball competitions
  81. Karaoke with my friends
  82. Curling up with a book
  83. Butterflies
  84. Holding hands
  85. Mint chocolate chip ice cream
  86. Thunderstorms
  87. Photography and photography exhibits
  88. Picnics in the park
  89. The smell of vanilla
  90. Falling in love
  91. A leisurely afternoon at the bookstore
  92. Vanilla latte and iced coffee
  93. Stars in the night sky
  94. Cooking for my friends
  95. Finding inspiration on fashion and interior design blogs
  96. Country music (and cowboy boots…shhh)
  97. Going to the theater
  98. Bright, cotton-candy pink and deep, dark raspberry colors
  99. The diversity of Brooklyn and reminders of the old, gritty NYC
  100. Crossing something off a list

Finished! Now I can cross another thing off my 101 Things To Do in 1001 Days list.